Selection tool object recognition sensor

Selection of the appropriate sensor:

Step 1:

Enter the distance between the sensor and the object in mm (range). The distance must be min. 50 mm / 75 mm and max. 2000 mm.


Step 2:

Enter the required field of view size.
In case of vertical installation of the unit the field of view is represented in landscape format as shown in the picture. Where required, the unit can be rotated by 90 degrees for portrait format.
The field of view must be min. 15 x 11 mm and max. 1280 x 960 mm.


Step 3:

Enter the required resolution in mm. The resolution must not be less than 0.08 mm.


Step 4:

Please click "calculate".

Results: O2D220 (PNP)
O2D227 (NPN)
O2D222 (PNP)
O2D229 (NPN)
O2D224 (PNP)
O2D225 (NPN)
Green indication - application possible.
Red indication - application not possible.
(Sensor not or only conditionally suitable).
Field of view size:
Characteristics: diagram diagram diagram